Friday 10 April 2015

Machine Appliquéd, Quilted Cushion...

When I attended the recent quilting retreat, I knew I'd need to take along a cushion, both for comfort and to give me a little extra height. I'd deliberated for some time over what to make with one of the projects from the previous year and decided a cushion would be the perfect way to show off the appliquéd leaves.

Machine Appliquéd, Quilted Cushion ~ Threading My Way

The original pattern, by Anne Sommerlad Designs, was for a wall hanging, incorporating five appliquéd shapes. I knew I'd be hard pushed to finish all the appliqués in time for the retreat. Instead of stressing and trying to get them all done, I decided a change of plans was in order and so I turned the first finished appliqué into a cushion.

This was my first time turning under the edges on appliqué. I know there's a name for it, but it's escaped me. I'm used to doing raw edge appliqué. It was also my first time using glue on an appliqué. I have to admit that I initially found it quite messy turning under the edges and glueing them in place. I usually avoid using glue at all costs, but I found my glueing skills were vastly improved by the end.

The leaves are machine appliquéd onto the maroon fabric, which is then machine appliquéd onto the indigo. I was lucky there was enough indigo and maroon fabric in the wall hanging kit to make two cushions. The second cushion is appliquéd and quilted, just waiting to be sewn up.

Around the outside of the maroon circle, I used three strands of embroidery floss to do some hand stitching. I did this before I added the batting.

The quilting may appear to be circles, but it's actually a spiral. 

For the back of the cushion I used some of the fabric I found for next to nothing at an Op Shop (Thrift Store). Just the same as I did for the Valori Wells cushions, I finished them off with an enclosed zip.

Not only does the closure look good, but it allows you to use a different coloured zip if you don't have a matching one. Only the person who washes the covers will ever know.

Machine Appliquéd, Quilted Cushion ~ Threading My Way

Once I finish the second cushion, I can tick off last year's projects and start on the projects from this year's retreat.

... Pam


  1. Cute! Good for you getting some projects finished. I have several quilting projects started and instead of finishing one, I start another.

  2. Great finish Pam - I'm used to raw edge applique as well - I certainly wouldn't be able to do the turned under kind with as much success as you had - wow! The spiral quilting is perfect too - it frames the applique nicely :)

  3. I think it is called needleturn applique Pam, and you have certainly mastered it :)

  4. I'm usually a raw edge applique girl too, but your turned under edges look great - do you think it's converted you or will you be back to the raw edges?


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