Wednesday 8 April 2015

Sand and Sidewalk Boardshorts ~ Pattern Review...

Perhaps those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to experience warmer weather and maybe thinking of clothes for Spring. Here in Australia, we're well into Autumn and the weather is cooling down. Cooler weather doesn't stop the kids from wearing shorts, though. 

Sand and Sidewalk Boardshorts Pattern Review.... pattern by Fishstick Designs ~ Threading My Way

About a month ago I made up a pair of Sand & Sidewalk Boardshorts, from Fishsticks Designs. Although I've sewn the Mud Puddle Splashers from Fishsticks Designs many times, this was my first time using the Sand & Sidewalk Boardshorts.

The shorts have a flat front and as described in the pattern, have a slimmer fit through the hips than traditional elastic waist pants for a more modern look. Instructions are included for both board shorts and skate pants, with the option for narrow or wide legs with the skate pants.

The pattern suits a wide range of sizes - 12 months to 12 years. There is both a size chart and a finished measurement chart included. All necessary fabrics and notions are clearly listed at the beginning of the pattern, together with a list of suggested fabric types.

Page numbers are given so you can print just the size/s you need, or you can print the whole lot at home. There is also a file included to you can take it to a print shop, eliminating the need to tape the pieces together.

Sizing lines are in colour and are also easily distinguishable on a monochrome printer thanks to the different line markings; dots, dashes, etc. I just printed the size I needed and it was very quick and easy to piece together.

Pictures are in the form of clear photographs, with right and wrong sides of the fabric easy to distinguish. The instructions are detailed (but not wordy) and easy to understand. The two column layout makes it easy to follow and navigate through the pattern.

There are no metric measurements, only imperial. ie; It's all in inches and yards.

The method for constructing the waistband leaves the seam showing on the inside. Nothing wrong with this, but I changed mine so the seam was encased. 

I omitted three of the optional extras - back pockets, waistband tabs and a drawstring cord at the waist. Shorts with a flat front are not as easy to fit as a full elastic waistband pair, and a drawstring cord can compensate for this. However, I find the cords can get a bit tatty after a while, so I try to avoid them. Luckily, the fit was spot on, not that I knew that when I made the decision to leave out that step.

The pattern pieces are clearly marked with both necessary and useful information. Necessary information:
  • grainline
  • notches for matching
  • number and direction of pieces to cut
  • name of which piece - eg; back body/leg
and useful information so you don't have to keep referring to the PDF:
  • seam allowance
  • sizes of non pattern pieces to cut
  • name of pattern (in case you mislay it)
  • sizing

I really like the style of the Sand & Sidewalk Boardshorts and I think this fabric suits them perfectly. It's Figures Linen Numbers Yardage, by Zen Chick, for Moda Fabrics. As soon as I saw it, I thought of Little Mister, as he's fascinated with numbers. The indigo solid is the obvious choice for the contrasting fabric. If I had made the back pockets, they'd have been indigo as well.

Little Mister's Sand & Sidewalk Boardshorts will be added to the 100+ links in the Shorts, Pants, Trousers & Leggings collection, here at Threading My Way.

This is a great pattern and one I'll be using again, but not till later in the year when the weather warms up. What's the weather like in your corner of the world? Are you sewing for warm or cool weather at the moment?
Fishsticks Designs is taking a month off to focus some extra time on setting up services and caring for two medically needy foster children. The shop will reopen for normal business on Saturday, April 25th. 

... Pam


  1. Pam - I love these and so would my son. Thanks for sharing. I was sewing some flannelette pj pants yesterday so certainly cooler down south!

  2. Cool shorts, your fabric selection is perfect! The flat front looks really good. Making me think I need to try that, rather than relying on elastic casing all the time.

  3. Love the fun fabric you used! These shorts look great!

  4. Is it insulting to say these look like high-end store-bought shorts? Maybe because home sewing almost always means better sewing, but I mean the store-bought thing in the most positive way! I'd buy those in a heartbeat. LOVE that fabric, too.

  5. Those look great, Pam! Love the fabric!

  6. These shorts are really nice! I love your fabric cool!

  7. That fabric works so well with these! And we're enjoying some Spring weather round here now, hurray!

  8. Love these shorts! I sure wish this pattern was around when Patrick was small enough to fit in to them.

  9. I'd love to see how you encase that seam. Great looking shorts Pam! Thanks for coming back to Sew & Tell.

  10. Hello Pam. It was so good to find you at the Sew & Tell. I think I lost you somewhere from my feeds. I love the fabrics you chose for these shorts.

  11. These shorts are so cute! I wish my boys were still small enough to want to wear the things I sew. lol I would love for you to link up to the Stitch It, Blog It, Share It Link Party going on now at


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