Tuesday 10 February 2015

Additions to the Stash ~ Figures by Zen Chick for Moda

When I first showed you my Crazy Patchwork, I talked about how co-ordinating fabrics to get the right combination, is not as easy as it looks. Some people are just naturally good at it, while others like me need more practise. Lots of you left comments saying that's why you buy fabric bundles, as it takes away all the hard work of figuring out the right combination of fabrics for each project.

Yesterday, I purchased a bundle of fat quarters, but only for the purposes of research:-) :-) I'm hoping that by analysing these fabrics, I'll be better able to choose fabric combinations that are pleasing to the eye. I'll be going back to the comments and re-reading in detail. I learnt so much just from reading your comments and thoughts on my crazy patchwork blocks.

16 fat quarters of Figures, by Zen Chick, for Moda Fabrics. As soon as I saw the bundle, I knew it was going to come home with me, even though I'd just popped into my local quilting store for a few small haberdashery items.

See the price and note how dedicated I am to improving my skills... LOL!!! Worth every cent!!! These fabrics are gorgeous.

I'm not sure what I'll make with them yet. Suggestions welcome!!! There's no way I can cut them into super tiny, irregular shaped pieces for crazy patchwork. Small pieces for zippered pouches, maybe.

That's the funny thing about quilting and patchwork. Already fabulous pieces of fabric are cut up into small pieces and sewn together to make even more fabulous fabric - possibly more fabulous than the original.

I already have yardage of the fabric on the right - Figures Linen Numbers. It's not linen fabric, though. There's just something that appeals about text fabric. Hopefully soon you'll see a garment made with this fabric. I have a pair of boys board shorts cut out, waiting to be sewn up.

Wish me luck with my research...

... Pam


  1. I think maybe I need to investigate some further research too! Thanks very much for the comment shout out, what a lovely way to show that you really appreciate and value comments. Looking forward to seeing whatever comes of your research fabric - I think it would make me want to add pops of yellow to it, maybe bright yellow zippers if you go with the pouches, or some appliqued daisies on a quilt maybe. This research idea is definitely fun!

  2. I wouldn't want to cut them up! Knowing me I would probably leave them all tied up since they are all so pretty.

  3. Numbers in boys shorts sounds fun! Combining the similar colors are safe, but contrasts colors are better when they work. Quilting uses so many prints pattern, you are not just creating a fabric, you are creating an art!

  4. Choosing fabrics takes me as long as all the rest of the quilting process if not more. While I love looking at fabrics and buying them, I dread the process of choosing which ones to put in a quilt. I shall have to check out all your sources. Thanks for another wonderful, interesting, helpful post.

  5. What a nice bundle of fabric Pam! I just wanted to tell you about a site that I buy from in case you are interested. It is called Keepsake Quilting. I like how they have their fabrics coordinated. They have reproduction fabrics too, which I love. I don't know if shipping would be worth it since it is extra if going outside the U.S. but you can also see on their site how and what they coordinate together for ideas :)

  6. Sometimes it is so hard to just pull fabric and go...I feel like I second guess my choices but end up wishing I'd gone with my first instinct. And now I'm wondering how I missed that line of fabric? I can't wait to see what you make with it :)

    1. Sometimes it's easy to over think the process. I'm thrilled I found these fabrics, Lissa.

  7. Love the fabric ... may just take a look myself.


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