Friday 28 November 2014

Embroidered Zippered Pouch...

I'd love to claim credit for this beautiful zippered pouch, but it was a present. Mum recently bought it for me at a fete. Knowing I'm interested in all types of sewing, she thought I'd like it. I love it!!!

I should have photographed the pouch with something else to give some perspective. It's about 12" (30cm) square. I've been trying to figure out how it was made. I think the centre patchwork is random shapes machine stitched together to form a square.

Every seam has hand embroidery stitched over the top. I absolutely love this effect. Most of the stitches I recognise from sewing lessons at school, but the majority I've forgotten how to do. Wouldn't be too hard to relearn, I'm sure. 

Leave a link in the comments if you know of any good embroidery how to sites or blogs. Lefthanded Notions gives very detailed descriptions, complete with clear photos, explaining how to do a huge range of embroidery stitching, but, as the blog title implies, it's for left handed sewists.

The fancy trim frames the patchwork beautifully and it's all sewn on by hand. Amazingly, you can't see one single stitch from the top, only when I gently lifted the edge of the trim with a finger nail and peeked underneath. It was almost impossible to see where the trim starts and stops, too. I'm not sure how this was achieved.

The flowers are machine appliquéd on top with a fine zig zag stitch and then more embroidery to give extra detail to the flowers. This truly is a work of art!!!

And the back shows the bag is a zippered pouch. At the moment my new embroidered bag is sitting in my sewing room so I can admire it. It's just too good to hide in a cupboard.

Thanks, Mum. It's beautiful.

... Pam


  1. It looks like a curved seam crazy quilted block with the seams hand embroidered, then with flowers appliqued (raw edge zig zag) on top. I love all the different embroidery stitches, but I don't embroider so I can't help you with a link - sorry!

  2. Beautiful! Just look for Crazy Quilting stitches and you will find a loooooot of blogs and websites.
    I do some embroidery, and I follow a blog called Pintangle and so many more. Take a look at my bloglist

    Also, I'm running a fabric giveaway, and you are welcome to enter!

  3. Your mum knows you well Pam, that it is a lovely gift! I am not usually a fan of crazy patchwork but your pouch looks great.

  4. Well chosen Mum!! It is beautiful Pam and such a handy size too! :)

  5. Lovely pouch and wonderful mom!

  6. Mary Corbert's Needle N Thread has a great range of embroidery videos showing various stitches, and also articles with composite stitches, as used in crazy quilting.

    Pintangle is another site for crazy quilting and she has run yearly TAST challenges with a different stitch each week, the how tos are all on her site.

    There are a lot of crazy quilting bloggers (that's what this technique is), but I don't follow any so can't give you links I'm afraid!

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  8. beautiful work. i like what how you made the pouch

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