Thursday 20 March 2014

Zippered Pouch and Pillowcases...

Last month I showed you the zippered pouch I had made with the Bluebird Chic Wristy, from the book Pieces of Me, by Janelle Wind. Here's my second zippered pouch made using the same pattern. 

I wrote down the name of this gorgeous dragonfly fabric when I cut out the fabric, but on a scrap of paper I've obviously since thrown away. There's only little scraps left, so no selvedge. Thanks to Erin and Jennifer, via Facebook, I now know it's called Dragonfly Dragonflies. The name comes back to me now that I'm reminded. Take your pick as to whether it's by South Sea Imports or Wilmington Prints. Looks like the two companies are somehow connected.

This time I've done the quilting on the bottom of the bag, as I didn't want to distract from the dragonfly fabric and thought it would add some interest to the plain fabric. As you can see, I didn't make any attempt to match the quilting lines on back and front. The approximate width of the quilting is on that same piece of paper... maybe 1/2" or 5/8".

A mauve / purple gingham has been used for the lining. It's only standing by itself because I've put something inside.

I spoke about the construction of the bag, in particular the zipper, in my review of the pouch pattern, but didn't show any close up photos. The photo above shows the end where the zipper end stuck out when attaching the lining, making it a little hard to sew. As you can see, there's nothing wrong with the finish... nothing sticking out. It's quite a neat finish. 

When attaching the zipper, I should have placed it so the metal tabs would be cut off in the seam. This would have made for a neater finish. The pattern did say to centre the zip, so totally my fault. The part I'm not totally happy with, is the bit you can see sticking out. I can't see how I could have avoided this, but maybe I'm missing something in the pattern. 

It's not a big point, as in reality, you don't really notice this when looking at the whole bag, just when there's a close up photo.  I really like the bag and will definitely be using this pattern again. 

To go with the zippered pouch, I've made two pillowcases. When I had almost finished, I noticed a tiny hole in the cuff of one pillowcase. Not having anymore fabric to replace the cuff, I appliqu├ęd a dragonfly over the hole... an easy, but rather effective fix.

This was a present for my daughter. She commented on the cute dragonfly on the pillowcase and wondered why I hadn't put one on both pillowcases. I know, I should have.

The main present for my daughter is yet to come. We're both attending a screen printing workshop in a few weeks time and are both really looking forward to it.

... Pam


  1. I like the quilting on the bottom of the bag!

  2. The dragonfly was a design decision, and you only had ONE of those special dragonflies, which makes it EXTRA special ;) Cute bag - that dragonfly fabric is sweet :)

  3. Lovely dragonfly printed fabrics Pam !!

  4. Sweet gift! The dragonfly applique may have been a "fix" but it is a really nice touch!

  5. These are so beautiful! What a lovely gift!

  6. Your pouch and cases are so nice? What a great gift!

  7. Neat and useful applique Pam. I always add zipper tabs to each end of my zips in purses to avoid having that bit sticking out at the end.

  8. Wonderful work and those are great gift ideas. I love the fabric you used, it blends nicely yet stands apart on it's own.

  9. Great pouch, Pam. I see you are like me, in that you are your own worst critic!


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