Sunday 20 January 2013

Pinterest Pin Count...

Most people will know that you type the following URL to see your posts that are pinned on Pinterest...

Underneath each pin you can see how many times that exact pin has been repinned. But this doesn't show you how many times a particular post had been pinned in total.

Now you can see exactly how many times a post has been pinned, for a particular address. Pinterest has released a plugin that will show how many times a page or blog post has been pinned.

Blogger, however, has rolled out Country Redirect to blogs that don't have their own domain and so each post has multiple addresses, depending on where it is opened. The screen shot above shows how many times my Denim Fabric Baskets post has been pinned at this address:

The following are all addresses for the same post and if I cared to look up the Internet Country Codes (here or here), there would be more.

So, if I really wanted to know the exact pin count for the Denim Fabric Baskets post, I would have to type in every possible address and add them up. Hmmm... Maybe if I had more hours in the day.

The Pin Count plugin, is a handy little tool to have, to keep track of your posts on Pinterest.

In June, last year, I wrote my thoughts on Pinterest and still have much the same opinion. For me, it's a positive thing.

If however, you don't like Pinterest, or you just want some control over your photos, you can  prevent the pinning of photos from your site. Jessi, from Practically Functional will show you how. She added the link to the Blog Tips link party, here on Threading My Way and I use her code every week when I do feature posts, as I would prefer people to pin from the original source.

This post is part of the How Does Your Blog Look series, here on Threading My Way and will be added to the Blog Tips collection.

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... Pam


  1. Thanks for this - I am new to Pinterest (a week) so am learning all I can!!

  2. Thanks for this, very interesting and useful. I will definitely be adding that sentence to my blog. In think those of use with good intentions can be a little 'green' about what these great, fun, online sharing things can do. At present I don't have anything that I think I wouldn't want pinned as I've only just started blogging, but knowing how to do this should I later on is great. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thanks for the information Pam. I'm nuts about Pinterest and spend way too much time on there but it's such a good source of inspiration. I used to google a lot in the past to find things I wanted but that has been replaced by Pinterest. I don't put personal photos or anything I wouldn't want anyone else to see on my blog so re-pinning isn't a problem.

  4. Thanks Pam - this is a really useful tool. I could get a bit obsessive over it, however...!

  5. I didn't know about the plugin...thanks for sharing! I enjoy using pinterest. Having a picture makes it easier to find things there vs. bookmarks.

  6. I didn't know about this Pam! Thanks for sharing another useful tip!
    I also wanted to let you know that I featured your library bag tutorial on my round tuit post this week!
    Round Tuit 137
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. Wow! This is great! I don't know why I enJOY data so much. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  8. Thanks Pam I did not know about this. It's interesting and fun.

    Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

  9. What an interesting post!!! and how much information. Pam, this is really interesting. I had no idea that all this existed, the first thing I will do is pinned your post for future reference, :), and then I'll go to see all the links you have given us.
    I love everything you always teach us, I always say that it is good to know a little of everything, and it's because of you that I am always acquiring more knowledge, thanks so much!!!!!!
    Marisa from

  10. Thanks! This is so helpful!


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