Wednesday 2 January 2013

Mariners Compass...

Last November, I was lucky enough to attend a class on making a Mariners Compass. The class was run by Chris, from Patchwork Fundamentals. If you look closely at the first photo on Chris' blog, I'm the short one with the mauve and purple Mariners Compass. If you think mine looks smaller than everyone else's, it is. That's because my compass is loosely pinned to the outside fabric, whereas everyone else had already sewn theirs. Most had already sewn the centre piece as well. I was most definitely the new kid on the block that day and the only one who had never done paper piecing before.

I attended the class with a friend and former work colleague and had lots to catch up on. Talking too much, may or may not have contributed to me not finishing... LOL!!!

As I began the day knowing nothing about Foundation Paper Piecing, I had a lot to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was very pleased with what I achieved.

I was keen to finish at home, but I soon realised that the tips of the points would be cut off when the circle was sewn to the outside fabric. I vaguely remember hearing at the class, why this would happen, but I can't remember. Perhaps it had something to do with not sewing to the edges? Can anyone tell me, so it doesn't happen next time? I may still finish and turn it into a cushion. We'll see.

Even if I don't finish this compass, I'm happy, because I well and truly achieved my goals:
  • to find out what paper piecing was
  • to learn something new to me
For the time being, I've packed this away, but at some point this year, I'll either finish it, or begin another. I have 12 months to procrastinate.

... Pam


  1. looks great, Pam! One of my goals for 2013 is to lean how to paper piece.

  2. looks like you had no problem with it.

  3. Paper piecing is on my must learn list. Kudos to you for tackling something new!!

  4. Well done on achieving your goals Pam. I can't believe you are the short one, I have always envisioned you as tall!

  5. well done Pam! I think you did an amazing job. Paper piecing is on my list to learn too - In fact I plan on starting this afternoon!

  6. Gosh you were brave Pam starting with a Mariners Compass for your first ever paper-piecing!

    I wonder if your paper pattern didn't include the seam allowance, some do and some don't.

  7. LOL...12 months to procrastinate!;) The Mariners Compass is neat looking. I didn't even know what paper piecing was until just recently. It seems to be popping up everywhere!



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