Sunday 18 December 2011

Sewn Christmas Cards...

I saw some fabulous sewn Christmas cards by Sew and the City and thought I'd make my own. Here's my first one...

Actually, it's my second attempt and my first finished card. Sew and the City suggested putting little dabs of glue on the back of the fabric to adhere the fabric to the cardboard so it didn't move when sewing. I omitted this step in my first attempt and of course, the fabric moved and puckered. I won't show you that attempt.

I decided to use double sided fusible webbing instead of glue and it worked like a charm. This card was so easy to make. Here's how I did it.

Fuse the Christmas tree to cardboard:
  • Fuse the Christmas tree to the cardboard using double sided fusible webbing and following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Use an old cloth so glue doesn't get on the iron or the ironing board and to stop the cardboard from burning.
  •  Use a low setting on the iron so the cardboard doesn't burn.

Sew the Christmas tree:
  • Sew a zig zag stitch around the Christmas tree.
  • Sew the green card to the actual Christmas card using a zig zag.
That's all there is to it. If one of my family members is reading, this card may be for you. Act surprised and pretend the card must have taken me hours to make.


  1. What a lovely idea...I hope your family remembers to be surprised.

  2. Pam - This is a great idea.. Thank you for the tips! :)

  3. I've been wanting to try sewing cards for ages now. I'd love to be able to use up old cereal boxes and the like to make them - on the list for next year!! Thanks for sharing this one- it looks great!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Thank you for linking up to my blog...your cards are gorgeous!


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