Friday 2 December 2011

Finished Projects for November...

Here's everything I finished and crossed off my To Do list during November.

Lucy's Little Flower Dress  

Flower Hair Tie  

30 minute Shorts  

Faith, Hope, Love Skirt  ✔ 

Appliquéd Singlets  

Solids Only Tote Challenge  ✔ 

Applique on a Child's Tote Bag  

Fabric bags for wrapping Christmas presents  

Frame Purse  ✔  

Wedding dress to day dress  

I was very pleased with what I was able to sew. December will be just as busy as November; probably more so.

My To Do list continues to grow at a fast rate; much faster than I can ever hope to keep up. The more time I spend reading sewing blogs, the more I add to my list. This month I'm exploring lots of new blogs over at Lily's Fresh Sewing Day and Thursday Think Tank.

Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Everything looks lovely. I love the dress with matching hair band :)

  2. That's a great wedding dress trandsformation! Not to mention lots of other cute outfits. Looks like you had a busy month.

  3. Wow ... you have been busy!

  4. you got a lot done this month! how awesome! i hope you have as much success in December...

  5. Wow Pam, you have been busy! I was thinking of doing the solid tote challenge, but it would have meant buying fabric, which I am trying to avoid at the moment! I will keep my eye on their next challenge!

  6. Your wedding adaptation outfit is AMAZING. Well done.

  7. You have been amazingly prolific. I am so impressed.

  8. Lots of great projects! You have been busy.

  9. You have been so busy! I love it all! The dress is so cute and the skirt and appliqued Tees look great.


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