Saturday 17 September 2011


Spring is the best time of the year for us. The weather is simply perfect outdoors and for me that means gardening. During Summer, we can only garden early in the morning or brave the mosquitoes and garden in the evening. Spring weather enables us to garden all day long, if we so desire.

So, each day I have to make the hard decision; will I garden, sew or both. Yes, I am very lucky to be in such a position.

I like the sentiments expressed on a card I received last week:
Relax and
Enjoy the ride
Try something new
Imagine the possibilities
Remind yourself to play
Expect adventures
Make new plans
Entertain a few wild ideas
Nap without guilt
Take time just for you.

I've only been blogging for one and a half months now and I am enjoying it far more than I initially thought I would. I have discovered so many fabulous blogs with so much information. Almost every day I come across another project to add to my To Do list. This list is growing at a much faster rate than I can keep up with. No matter how much time I have, there is never enough time to do all I want to do.

I've often wondered how people can say they are bored, when there is so much to learn. I aim to always have an ever growing To Do list.

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