Tuesday 10 September 2019

My Favourite Reusable Fabric Grocery Bags ~ in Action

Two years ago I made a few fabric grocery bags in a new design. In shape, they resemble the old plastic bags that used to be given out at the checkout. But unlike those single use plastic bags, these ones are strong and sturdy.

Make a strong, sturdy fabric grocery bag ~ Threading My Way

Well, those grocery bags are still going strong. They get thrown into the wash at regular intervals, and have most certainly stood the test of time.

In the intervening years, I've sewn several as gifts, and have made a bunch more for myself.

When not in use, they live on the back seat of my car, together with my reusable produce bags.

Sometimes I add a tab to the top of the bag, although they're redesigned the checkouts, so I don't tend to add this as often now. 

I always reinforce the bag handles to add structure.

I've even made some with removable inserts to give the bottom more structure. These ones were for my Mum. I prefer my bags without the insert - makes folding and storage easier without.

I'll let you know in another two years how these grocery bags are going.

What type of bags do you like to use for your weekly shopping?

... Pam


  1. Those bags are fabulous.....so, so very chic. Certainly more pleasing to the eye than the old Woolworths' ones

  2. oh my gosh how cute I need to make some! ...and now we won't need to worry about our purse being stolen from the cart we will be worried about our fabric shopping bags! Good decoy LOL :)

  3. Lovely shopping bags, they'll last years longer still xx

  4. We’re truly amazed at your decoration skills. This shopping bags looks great!


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