Sunday 12 May 2019

Showcasing ~ Zero Waste Refashion ~ Skirt + Tunic from Dress

Utilising every single part of the original item is not as easy as it sounds when it comes to refashioning women's clothes. I find there are usually bits and pieces left over. Today's showcased project shows how it's possible to have zero waste in a refashion. 

Refashion from dress to skirt + tunic - Second Chances by Susan

Susan, from Second Chances by Susan, shows how to refashion a rather large dress into two garments - a skirt and a tunic - with nothing left over! With clever use of sleeves and ties, Susan has created a belted accent, resulting in an eye catching garment.

Susan is second to none when it comes to refashioning garments into women's clothing. I have long admired her tunics - very much my style paired with skinny jeans. Sadly, I have yet to make one for myself, as I haven't found the right garment to begin with when Op Shopping. Perhaps the garments have been hanging there staring me in the face, but I haven't had the imagination to see the potential.

How successful are you at finding garments in Op Shops (Thrift Stores)?

Susan's Refashioned Tunic and Skirt were added to both the Women's Skirts and the Women's Tops link parties. You might like to check out the following Refashioning Tutorials...

... Pam


  1. I love thrift store shopping, and am lucky to have one nearby that gets a lot of things in my size. I have taken up a skirt from the top to preserve a beautiful lace hem, shortened sleeves and done other alterations. I've not tried this idea yet, of getting two garments from one dress.

  2. When I go to thrift stores, I'm generally checking out sewing notions (like zippers) rather than clothing. I might have to take a look through my closet, however, to see if anything as clever as this can be imagined!

  3. I am a big and tall lady and I seldom find anything in my size but I have upcycled clothes and things for my children and smaller people! 😁

    1. There's always more of the mid-range of sizes, I find, Sheila - not so many of the small size I need. At least I can buy larger and alter, which of course makes it harder for you. Hmmm... something for me to ponder.

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