Wednesday 5 September 2018

Where to Find FREE Patterns & Tutorials for Making Bags

Bags and totes don't have to fit perfectly like garments, making them one of the easiest, and most popular, projects to sew. Whilst there are lots of great bag patterns that can be purchased, there's no shortage of free ones, too. To help you save money while sewing, I've found lots of sites where you will free patterns and tutorials to use when sewing totes and bags.

Free resources, sites, patterns and tutorials for sewing bags and totes - Threading My Way

Blogs with lots of free tutorials for sewing bags...

Roundups with links to free tutorials and patterns for bags...

Free ebooks... 

AllFreeSewing... use the search field at the top of their site to locate a myriad of free patterns and tutorials for bags and totes. Here's the results of a few searches I did to start you off...

Pinterest Boards - Bags & Totes... predominantly free

  • Bags, Totes, Handbags, Backpacks
  • Free Bag Tutorials
  • Free ~ Tote Patterns & Tutorials
  • Free Bag Tutorials
  • Sewing Bags ~ Free Tutorials
  • Bags ~ Free Tutorials
  • Free Bag Tutorials & Patterns
  • Sew and Sew Bags and Totes
  • Bags ~ Tutorials & Inspiration
  • Bags ~ Free Patterns & Tutorials
  • Tote Bag Tutorials
  • Totes & Purses ~ Free Tutorials
  • Sewing: Tote Bags & Purses
  • Sewing Purses and Totes

  • Threading Your Way with Threading My Way Ongoing Link Parties...
    Do you have a favourite site or Pinterest board for finding free bag and tote patterns and tutorials?

    ... Pam


    1. I love making bags, and this is an impressive collection of patterns. Really useful
      Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

    2. Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma's House we go link party!


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