Thursday 31 August 2017

From T-shirts to Canvas Artworks

What do you do with a treasured article of clothing when it no longer fits? Instead of carefully packing it away, upcycle it into a canvas artwork, so it can be put on show for all to see. 

Upcycle treasured t-shirts into canvas artworks ~ Threading My Way

A few years ago, the kids painted pictures on pre-cut fabric, and I sewed them into t-shirts (tank tops). They thoroughly enjoyed the process of adding their designs with fabric paint, and were very proud of their t-shirts.

I definitely consider the t-shirts to be amongst my most successful sewing projects, as the t-shirts were worn until they no longer fitted.

Upcycle treasured t-shirts into canvas artworks ~ Threading My Way

My clever, creative daughter recently surprised me with the two t-shirts turned into canvas artworks - a very special gift, and one I will treasure.

I'm proud to display the kids' paintings and drawings - whether they be artworks that have been laboured over, or quickly scribbled notes. 

I get pleasure from seeing those notes, cards, drawings and paintings on the fridge and in my sewing room. And I always loved seeing the kids wearing their painted t-shirts. 

Now I get to hang their fabric painted pictures in my sewing room, so I can see them everyday - memories of a special day spent painting with the kids, combined with feelings of happiness at receiving such a thoughtful and special gift.

... Pam


  1. What awesome ideas...both from you and from your daughter! I wish I had thought of this when my kids were little to have them paint on fabric, then make an article of clothing from it. I do remember using Tulip paint tubes to decorate their t-shirts, but that was different...Now you have new art work to smile about!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I have a t-shirt (store bought) but I did a print of my children's feet (both of my girls) and my son's hand print. The photos of them are beginning to fade, so I don't dare wear it because I treasure it so much. I'm going to do this with it to preserve it! Plus now I can enjoy it instead of it being packed away. Thank you for this.

  3. I LOVE THIS! Every time you see one of those canvases (canvasii? canvasses? :D) you must smile at the memories!

  4. Very special way to keep these memories, Pam. I also saw an idea (maybe on Jill's site?) for making a quilt out of scrap t-shirts. We most often buy t-shirts for their design on the front and when they can no longer be worn, it makes sense to save them in some way.


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