Wednesday 4 November 2015

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Last Christmas, I was organised enough to take photos of a few Christmas presents as I wrapped them. Those photos have been sitting on my computer for almost a year, waiting to show you nice and early for this Christmas. With a little planning, I was able to avoid having to buy commercial wrapping paper.

Handmade Gift Wrapping Ideas - reusable gift bags, drawstring bags, pillowcases, handmade wrapping paper and bows ~ Threading My Way

Child painted artwork makes very colourful wrapping paper.  It really doesn't matter what they paint; it will look great and the kids will be so proud when they see presents wrapped in their paper. IKEA rolls of art paper work well.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas... handmade paper and bows ~ Threading My Way

Make ribbons and bows from long, thin offcuts of fabric. They don't have to be neat or even - roughly cut just adds to the appeal. If you're lucky, you'll be able to match your scrappy ribbon to the wrapping.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas... pillowcases and scrappy ribbon bows ~ Threading My Way

Pillowcases make great wrapping, especially for large gifts - a present in a present. Again, scrappy fabric bows and ribbons finish them off. 

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas... pillowcases and scrappy ribbon bows ~ Threading My Way

If it's a handmade pillowcase, so much the better and pillowcases really are quick and easy to make. 

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bags... two gifts in one ~ Threading My Way

Fabric gift bags are another way to give reusable wrapping. The matching pillowcase and drawstring gift bags were given to the same person. I must say I was thrilled when I saw the drawstring bag in use several months later.

Reusable Fabric Gift Bags... two gifts in one ~ Threading My Way

Choose fabrics that suits the recipient, if you want them to use the gift bag afterwards. I tend to avoid Christmas fabric, but I'll sometimes make bags from Christmassy colours.

Use your imagination when choosing drawstring cords - ribbons, cords, lace, fabric offcuts.

Make gift bags girlie by adding a ruffle at the top of the bag. For the guys, I sew the drawstring right at the top.

There's lots of drawstring bag tutorials online. If you click on the photos, they will take you to the tutorials I used. In almost all cases I have changed the dimensions of the bags...

Changing the dimensions is easy - measure the height, width and depth of the gift and estimate how much extra room you will need.  Gift bags don't have to be a perfect fit. 

For more gift wrapping ideas, check out the Gift Wrapping Link Party here at Threading My Way.

Have you started getting ready for the holiday season? I know the countdown is on, but I really don't want to know just how many days or weeks are left. I'm pretending I still have another three months. How about you?

... Pam

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  1. I make a lot of drawstring bags - a lot of them are sized to use up bits and pieces and scraps I have around - the rest are sized for the item I'll be tucking inside :) I love to be able to match the bag somehow to the gift - whether it's using a theme fabric to match, or leftover scraps that I used for the project - a gift in a gift :D

    Yes I've started working on Christmas - I actually got a gift done today, so I'm feeling very pleased with myself :) I don't keep track of how many days/weeks are left - that would set my stress level soaring, lol. It's the beginning of November so my brain has already figured out when I have to panic - IF I have to panic ;)

  2. Great ideas! I've made your drawstring bag several times. Such a nice gift in itself, but fun to put other items in too!

  3. Super ideas! Love the pillow case idea. Thinking it would more likely be reused. I actually see my cloth gift bags thrown away during clean-up which was not the intent in making the cloth bags.

  4. So much nicer than paper bags Pam, although I would be heartbroken to see them being thrown away like Joy's!

  5. Your presents all look so pretty, much better than bought wrapping paper. I try to do mostly bags too, particularly for those people I know really appreciate and make good use of the bags. But yes, I need another 3 months too! I'm sure time somehow speeds up every year some time during November when I'm not looking.

  6. So many great gift bags, Pam! I love your fabric choices! And the kid art wrapping? So sweet! :) Lisa

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