Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Cushion Covers with Hidden Zipper

Last Christmas I made my daughter two cushions. Eight months later I've finally sewn another two and she has a complete set.

Make a cushion with a hidden zipper ~ Threading My Way

Isn't the fabric gorgeous!!! It's Cocoon Metamorphosis by Valori Wells, with a co-ordination jade for the back.

You'd think I would have smoothed down the lounge, so it all looked the same colour, before taking photos, but I didn't even notice the dark patches till looking at the photos... LOL!!!

Make a cushion with a hidden zipper ~ Threading My Way

I don't think I could ever spend money on store bought cushions, as they're SO easy to make. A simple envelope closure is the easiest...

If zips and buttons don't worry you, here's another couple...

You can see the back of these cushions is closed with a hidden zipper, but a different method to that used on the Robot Wine Waiter Cushions. Enclosing the zipper is a rather nifty way to close a cushion and it's VERY easy to do. For the zip I used a tutorial by Ms Midge. This is one of those, it's so simple why didn't I think of it tutorials.

Whereas the front of Ms Midge's cushion has been layered and quilted, mine is just a single layer of fabric, making it super quick and easy. I finished off the seams with a simple zig zag in matching jade thread, rather than overlocking (serging). To be honest, I couldn't be bothered to set up the overlocker and, unlike clothing, no one is going to see the inside.

I know that in many parts of the world, you would use the term pillows, instead of cushions. Here in Australia, a pillow is what we put our head on to sleep. What term do you use in your corner of the world?

I'll be adding these cushions to the ongoing Pillows & Cushions link party, here at Threading My Way. At present, there are over 200 pillows and cushions in the collection. Head on over if you are after ideas and inspiration for making a cushion.

... Pam


  1. We would call these "throw pillows" vs. pillows that are on a bed. Cushions would be the padded seats on the couch or sofa (used interchangeably).

    I love the fabric! I like changing up my pillow covers with the seasons, too. I am getting out my fall ones this week!

  2. They are beautiful. Nice fabric.

  3. They look fantastic Pam. Valori Wells designs some gorgeous fabric. Ms Midge's tutorial is the best - it's the one I use too! x

  4. Gorgeous fabric, and they're definitely cushions over here. Not sure you'd ever persuade me to give a zipper cushion a go though, envelope ones are just so easy!

  5. Loved this fabric. I have to admit that designing and creating a cushion cover is great fun and very rewarding.


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