Tuesday 22 September 2015

30 Sewing Projects to Use Up All Those Little Scraps of Fabric

If you're anything like me, you'll have a healthy stash of little pieces of fabric. Mine is growing at an alarming rate, as I find it hard to throw away even the smallest of scraps. Today I'm sharing 30 projects from the ongoing sewing link parties here at Threading My Way. All can be sewn with small, left over pieces of fabric or with tiny scraps pieced together.

30 Sewing Projects to Use Up All Those Little Scraps of Fabric ~ Threading My Way

Many Sewing Accessories can be made with small pieces of fabric - pin cushions, needle cases, scissor holders, thread catchers...

Quilted Sewing Machine Cover ~ Tutorial by Ros, from Sew Delicious

Sewing Machine Cover ~ Tutorial by Susie, from Susie's Sunroom Sewing

It's easy to get creative with Hair Accessories...

Puffy Petal Flower ~ Tutorial by Lindsay, from PA Country Crafts

Fabric Headband ~ Tutorial by Christie, from Joyfoolery

Heart & Roses Headband ~ Pattern & Tutorial by Ann, from Suburban Prairie Homemaker

Do you call them Cushions or Pillows? Either way, some of the best cushions I've seen have been pieced with small scraps...

Appliquéd & Embroidered Cushion ~ Tutorial by Julie, from Sum of Their Stories

Happy Go Lucky Cushions by Ros, from Sew Delicious

Hexagon Patchwork Cushion ~ Tutorial by Claire, from Pillar Box Blue

A girl can't have too many Zippered Pouches...

Teeny Tiny Zippered Pouches ~ Tutorial by Deby, from So Sew Easy

iPod Keychain Case ~ Tutorial by Jill, from Creating My Way to Success

Quilts are a great way to use up lots of small scraps. Sure, you can use jelly rolls and charm packs, but I can guarantee you'll feel immense satisfaction if you shop from your stash of scraps...

Disappearing 9 Patch ~ Tutorial by Joy, from Joy's Jots, Shots & Whatnots

Quilt Star ~ Tutorial by Donna, from Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Scrappy Blocks Quilt ~ Tutorial by Pam, from Threading My Way

Everything Baby - We all love sewing for babies...

Personalised Baby Bunting ~ Tutorial by Jose, from Sew for Soul

Baby Wash Cloths by Pam, from Threading My Way

Bandana Bibs ~ Pattern & Tutorial by Damjana, from Apple Green Cottage

Most Electronic Gadget Covers only need to be small to protect the contents...

Two Sided Zip iPhone Case ~ Tutorial by Vicki, from A Quilter's Mission

Crazy Patchwork iPod Case ~ Tutorial by Marisa, from Passion et Couture

Electronics Case ~ Tutorial by Jenya, from While She Was Sleeping

Drawstring Bags can be as large or small as you care to make them...

Small Lined Drawstring Bag ~ Tutorial by Pam, from Threading My Way

Drawstring Pouch ~ Tutorial by Lisa, from A Spoonful of Sugar

Drawstring Gift Bag ~ Tutorial by Pam, from Threading My Way

Lots of us store our small scraps in Fabric Baskets. The baskets lend themselves to piecing. The extra stitching helps to add structure - an added bonus...

Gathered Round Fabric Basket ~ Tutorial by Lisa, from A Spoonful of Sugar

Rope Fabric Basket ~ Tutorial by Cheryl, from Sew Can Do

Scrappy Fabric Basket ~ Tutorial by Pam, from Threading My Way

Funnily enough, I didn't find many projects For Kids that only require small pieces of fabric. Thought there'd be heaps...

Whaley & Starla Softies ~ Tutorial by Kristy, from Hopeful Threads

Tiana Crown ~ Tutorial by Annie, from Peaches and Bees

Fabric Letters ~ Tutorial by Pam, from Threading My Way

There are many more scrap busting projects to be found in the ongoing sewing link parties here at Threading My Way.

30 FREE Scrap Busting Projects to sew ~ Threading My Way

How small is too small? Tell me I'm not the only one who has trouble throwing out the tiniest of scraps...

... Pam

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  1. Wow! What a load of things to be making with scraps. Even a teeny weeny bit of a well-loved fabric is impossible to throwaway isn't is. Thanks for this amazing list of sewing projects Pam.

  2. Great pieces. Will definetely try them out.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Christina.

  3. A lot of great ideas in this post. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my tutorials included also 😊 thank you 😊

  4. Thanks for pointing out a bunch of scrap eaters! I really appreciate the feature.

  5. I have huge scrap bags (I even made the bags from scraps) in every color and they are stuffed full! Those scraps multiply like rabbits and it seems the more I try to sew up the scraps the more I end up with!!! Even the tiniest scraps can be used to stuff a pet bed with.

  6. I keep anything bigger than about an inch in both directions - you never know when you'll need an appliqued eye or a nose or an ear :D Speaking of applique - that's another great use for scraps!

  7. I love using my scraps because it creates a colourful piece, but it does take a bit of time!

  8. Oh these are so inspiring. I have a big box now of all sorts of bits and pieces, too big to throw away, too small to make things with - or so I thought! Some great ideas here Pam, thank you.

  9. So many fun projects to make using our scraps! Thanks, Pam !

  10. Thank you for including my Tiana crown! My scraps are getting out of control, this list helps!

  11. Thanks for including my cushion cover Pam, for me a pillow will always be what my head goes on in bed! I love this collection of projects, I can think of a dozen uses for those little fabric letters and I need to make myself a crazy patchwork cover for something - so pretty!

  12. So hard to throw even tiny bits out round here too! Great list for some inspiration, thanks.

  13. Great finds! Thanks for featuring my headband tutorial too! xx

  14. Wow, fab tutorials! I am suffering from a bit of a creative 'dry spell' at the moment but there are some lovely little projects here, so they could be just the thing I need!

  15. Awesome line up - off to pin this one!

  16. What a heap of things to make with scraps. Indeed, even a very small piece of a very much cherished texture is difficult to expendable isn't is. Gratitude for this astounding rundown of sewing projects Pam. Abogado de Conducir sin Licencia del Condado de Hunterdon. Abogado de la Corte de Tráfico de Nueva Jersey.


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