Monday 11 May 2015

I'm Back...

I'm back!!! It's been two weeks since I've posted on the blog - the longest time between posts since I began blogging in 2011. 

Initially, my break began with back problems. It's hard to type when you can't sit down and can only use a laptop while lying on your stomach, propped up on elbows. Serve me right for not looking after my back in the garden - a re-occurring injury from many years ago.

Long story short, the back problems resolved themselves in a few days. During those days of being unable to blog, I got to thinking about the time I spend blogging and in front of a computer, and I decided I wanted a longer break from blogging.

If you've been reading Threading My Way for any length of time, you'll know that, aside from blogging and sewing, I'm passionate about my garden. It's a hobby I've enjoyed since we moved to our house in the 70s.

Over the years, however, there have been many times when I've ignored my garden. It's very forgiving and is always there for me when I decide to go back to it, even if I have to do extra work to make up for my absence.

And so it's been with blogging. My head is continually filled with thoughts and ideas for sewing projects and blog posts. So much so, that I was thinking more than doing, and all these great ideas were not coming to fruition. The break has helped me to clear my head. All the ideas are still there, but there's slightly more order to them.

I couldn't write a post without photos. In recent years we've discovered these spectacular caterpillars. After decimating just one particular type of plant in our garden, they turn into chrysalises and emerge as beautiful monarch butterflies.

Do you ever feel like you need time away from something you love?

... Pam


  1. Yes, exactly Pam! Very well written. Sometimes I have even thought about walking away from blogging altogether. One day I might, I don't know. I enjoy it and it is fun and has brought me in contact with others who have the same passion. I guess I just get a little anti electronics sometimes. It sucks time away from everything. I think about the time I spend online where I could be sewing more, but that in itself seems like a never ending cycle. We move back to the U.S. in August, so I will have a forced break. I am kind of looking forward to it actually. I will have more ships drawn out though so I can do something with my hands while I wait on our household goods to be delivered.

  2. Good girl! Rest, a break, time away to reflect and ponder-- these are all wise. I can tell you feel much better afterward. Take your time, dear Pam. Your readers aren't going anywhere.

    Hugs and happy highways,

  3. I love the pictures of the caterpillars

  4. Breaks are a great way to bring focus back. I'm glad that your back is feeling better!

    Your pictures of the monarch caterpillar are great. I'll have to show the kids tomorrow. The little girls are a bit obsessed with caterpillars right now. They found about 50 in our yard over the weekend. Nothing as pretty as yours, they were tent caterpillars.;)

  5. I take breaks from blogging, and breaks from sewing, whenever I get overwhelmed or need to get other things done. Today I'd like to take a break from DH and DS2 (D does NOT stand for dear for either one of them) and play with your caterpillar - those two need some major retraining when it comes to "celebrating" Mother's Day. That's putting it nicely - when I emailed my sister to tell her about mine I was rather more ... vocal and colourful :/

  6. I saw the caterpillar pic and wondered what had happened! I hope you are fully recovered from your back pain. I had suffered from back problem for years...I think acupuncture and exercise worked for me. We all need breaks sometimes from something we love...I love my daughter with all my heart, but I will not be able to remain sane if I were with her 24/7 ;o

  7. Nice to see you back !! Lovely pics!!
    I have stayed away from blogging due to some or the other things taking priority but eventually I have returned. I too have back problems, then at that time I start reading books as that is also my hobby.

  8. I am having a somewhat forced break now and am actually enjoying it. It is nice to give yourself permission to take a break and think what is more important at this point in time. Saying that, welcome back :) And isn't it magnificent to be able to see the transformation from rather ordinary caterpillars into stunning butterflies in your own backyard?

  9. Lovely to see you're back and hopefully OK again now. And yes, breaks can be very useful. I do often find it's so hard to combine the blogging and the making, in so many ways they work together and feed each other perfectly, but oh dear, the time is the problem!

  10. Love the pics! Sorry you were not feeling well, but glad that you got to take a well-deserved break. Take care of yourself! Oh, and yes, I do take breaks especially from my blog. I found I was putting more time into the writing and photo work the blog required than I was into the actual sewing, etc. Now I'm trying to balance life with the "doing" taking a more significant role.

  11. Pam, I understand you very well. In my case I had to reduce the time on the computer for a very important reason for me, my parents !!! My mother is 93 years old and beyond all health problems that come with age, she suffers from Alzheimer. My dad is 92 years old and also needs my help. They live with me and I try to do everything that I can, I also have my four kids at home ( 25, 23 , 20 and 15 years old ). I try to upload something to the blog from time to time because I like the blogger world. As for the ideas that go through my head, they are endless. I always say that if a day lasted 40 hours, then I could get into my sewing room.
    When I have a free moment, I can read your blogs and enjoy your beautiful creations. The important thing is to divide time and enjoy everything we do. Now you know the reason why every so I'm not giving news, but I always try to make something, just that everything takes time ...
    I am glad that you recover from your back, enjoy your garden and still showing us more photos ... I love them !!!


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