Tuesday 26 May 2015

Drawstring Gift Bags...

The other day I showed you my latest Quilt As You Go Zippered pouch - a gift for a friend. As I so often do now, I wrapped the present in a drawstring gift bag.

Reusable Drawstring Gift Bag... It is so easy to make a lined, reusable bag for gift giving. Two gifts in one. ~ Threading My Way

Do you recognise the fabric? It's the Japanese cotton I recently scored at an Op Shop (Thrift Store). I love this fabric and it's perfect for a drawstring bag!!! 

I modified the Drawstring Gift Bag tutorial to fit the zippered pouches. 
  • Cut fabric to 13" x 9" (33cm x 23cm)
  • Measure 1¼" and ½" from the top when making the hole for the drawstring casing.
  • Measure 1" from the corner seams when making the boxed corners. ie; the corner will end up at 2".

I made the bag with text and numbers first. The zippered pouch fits, but perhaps a little too snugly. so I made the Japanese fabric bag slightly wider. I love this fabric, too - Figures Linen Numbers, by Zen Chick, for Moda Fabrics. I chose it for the gift bag, so it would match the same fabric in the zippered pouch. I've also made a pair of boys shorts in it, too.

Even though both fabrics are favourites, I have to say, I do prefer the Japanese cotton as a gift bag. Having purchased 2m, there's enough for LOTS of gift bags. Which bag do you like the best?

For more unique ways to give presents, check out the Gift Wrapping link party here at Threading My Way.

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... Pam


  1. A drawstring bag is a lovely way to wrap a pressie :)

  2. I'm not picking one over the other - I like letter/number fabrics, but I equally like QAYG so they both get a thumbs up from me :D

    I kitted some scrap fabric this morning (a strawberry print in 2 different background colours) to make some QAYG patchwork pouches - I'm still planning on getting a couple of strawberry drawstring bags finished this month for a birthday gift for next month, so I'll include a little zipper pouch in one of the bags as a bonus - exactly like you did ^^^ !

  3. I think I like the Japanese one best too, it looks great with the black drawstring.

  4. Perfect gift, bag in a bag! :D They are both great, gender-neutral bags. You give away so many gifts, but how do you part with your favorite fabrics???

  5. The Japanese drawstring bag is more elegant looking, but I like the letter one too!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. I can see me making more bags with the Japanese fabric, but much as I like the Numbers fabric, I think this one will be my last.


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