Friday 23 January 2015

Half Moon Patchwork Pouch...

Another zippered pouch, but this one is for ME!!! I love everything about it - the semi-circular shape, the teeny tiny size and the fabric.

Half Moon Patchwork Pouch... pattern review ~ Pattern by Chick Chick Handmade ~ Sewn by Threading My Way

The Half Moon Patchwork Pouch pattern is designed and sold by Amy Morinaka, a Japanese zakka pattern designer, from Chick Chick Handmade. The zip on the Half Moon Pouch is sewn by hand, using traditional Japanese methods. Apart from loving the design, hand sewing a zip intrigued me - a new skill to learn.

There is only one pattern piece, so unlike clothes patterns, no tiling and taping. All supplies are listed in an easy to read chart at the beginning of the instructions.

Half Moon Patchwork Pouch... pattern review ~ Pattern by Chick Chick Handmade ~ Sewn by Threading My Way

Look how tiny it is. I chose to make the smaller of the two sizes - 3.5" x 3" x 1". The pattern steps you through making a log cabin, the basis of the pouch. I omitted the patchwork and went with one fabric, but I can see some log cabin half moon pouches in the future.

The instructions are well written and easy to understand. The layout is clear - two columns and numbered sections. Tips are included in separate boxes, so they can easily be skipped over if not needed. Pictures are in the form of diagrams, with right and wrong sides of the fabric easily differentiated with text. 

Given that I didn't do any patchwork, the initial steps were very quick -
  • quilt
  • cut
  • attach binding

Then came time to hand stitch the zip. Again, the instructions were detailed and clear. In my first three years of sewing at school, it was all hand stitching, so attaching the zip didn't take too long at all, although it was a little fiddly. The larger size would be less fiddly. I ended up basting the zip and removing the pins, before I did the actual stitching of the zip.

Finished, or so I thought. I had sewn the zip in upside down!!! It looked beautiful, except I couldn't undo or do up the zip properly. Looking back at the pattern, it was totally my own fault. If I hadn't been in such a rush with pre-Christmas sewing, I'm sure I'd have realised earlier. I didn't take any photos of the upside down zip.

I HATE unpicking, so left it till well after Christmas and then hand sewed the zip in the correct way. I dislike having to redo something when I think it's finished and the zip is not as even as the first time. One side is wider than the other, not enough to stop me loving it, but it is noticeable.

The photo above shows the two ends inside the bag. The one on the left is sitting flat as it should. The one on the right is a little bunched up and that's due to the bulk of the join in the bias. The pattern clearly shows where to make the join. Don't know why I thought I'd put it in a different place. Oh, well, it's on the inside and no one sees is but me. It's only cosmetic.

My new half moon pouch lives in the handbag I use everyday, along with a larger zippered pouch I made last year. Fabrics...
  • Michael Miller Zen Blossoms ~ exterior fabric
  • Michael Miller Pin Dot ~ lining and contrast fabric
When I need extra room, I often carry my drawstring shoulder bag, made from the same fabrics, as well.

I'll definitely be making more half moon pouches this year. I think they'll make great little presents, tucked inside a larger gift.

The Half Moon Pouch will be joining the 200+ projects in the Purses, Clutches and Pouches link party here at Threading My Way.

... Pam


  1. I'm not sure if you received my last comment.
    I clicked on the link to Chick Chick Handmade but didn't see the pouch.
    Is it the correct link? Think that they've discontinued it?
    Thanks for checking for me.
    I would like to try making some pouches this year.
    Could you please recommend a good one to start with? I have limited zipper experience, but I've made quilts and sewn items for home and some clothing.
    Laura of Harvest Lane

    1. Thanks for mentioning that the Half Moon Pouch wasn't for sale on Chick Chick Handmade, Laura. I contacted Amy and she's re-listed it. She was pleased you had mentioned it. Have sent an email re zippered pouch suggestions.

  2. It's so tiny and so cute!lol Love it!

  3. Oh very VERY cute - and don't you just HATE ripping out something that's "completed" but with an error that needs to be fixed? It happens to me too. I tend to leave those problem projects for a LONG time, if I even pick them up again ... and sometimes - I don't! I just give 'em to someone else to fix and keep :D Call me the KUH-WEEEN of lazy :D

  4. I love your little pouch Pam! It is such a useful size for so many things and I was intrigued with the hand sewn zip!

  5. Your pouch is so cute!!:) hand sewing is something I can give a try. Especially when zipper is there, using a sewing machine is a daunting task for me.

  6. Great pouch Pam, I have pinned this as I am sure that I will want to come back to it soon :)

  7. Cute little pouch, I've not hand sewn a zip either, but been recently reading a lot of Japanese magazines where this style of pouch is popular so I will have a go soon. Thanks for all the links.

  8. Love it - what a great design, not sure about the hand sewing but can see it's worth it to have the pouch - Chris :D

  9. I love this little zippered pouch! Thanks for sharing your experience and tips with this pattern!

  10. I love the elegant fabrics you used.

  11. Your half moon zip and handbag are wonderful Pam! Oh no- Poor you sewing that zip in upside down!

  12. I'm glad the hand-sewn zipper didn't dissuade you from taking on this project (it would me!). This little pouch is so sweet.


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