Friday 13 December 2013

Hair Ties Tutorial...

A young girl can never have too many hair accessories. If you are after some last minute gifts, hair ties made from fabric covered buttons are SO easy to make... just a few minutes of your time. Today's tutorial will show you how to make two different styles.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to make your fabric covered buttons. I used a button covering kit made by Birch (an Australian brand). This kit includes a great little gadget which makes the process very easy. It literally takes seconds to cover a button. I'm sure there'll be lots of equivalent kits around.

  • Cut two pieces of fabric 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm)
  • Cut a piece of double sided fusible webbing slightly smaller than 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm)
  • Follow manufacturer's directions to fuse the two pieces of fabric together with the double sided fusible webbing. 

  • Find something circular to use as a template to trace a circle. (I've used the bit that holds the cotton reel in place on my machine.)

  • Mark the centre of the circle.
  • Cut out the circle shape with pinking shears. Ideally, cut off the line you drew. You can see I missed on one side... no worries, I just made this side the underneath.
  • If you don't have pinking shears, ordinary scissors will be fine.

  • Carefully cut a small hole in the centre of the circle.
  • Push the button shank through the hole.

Thread a hair elastic through the shank of the button.

If the shank of the button is too small to push the elastic through, thread a needle through the shank and pull the elastic through. You may need to use a few strands of cotton so it doesn't break. I used four strands of strong thread.

  • Leave a small loop.
  • Remove needle and thread.

  • Push the large loop through the small loop.

  • Pull tight.

  • Push the small loop over the button shank.

That's all there is to it. Instead of fabric covered buttons, you could use ready made buttons, as long as they have a shank.

The second set of hair ties are even easier than the first. Simply add hair elastics to fabric covered buttons, as per the instructions above.

You may recognise the fabric used to cover the buttons. It's left over from a Peasant Blouse I made a few months ago. 

Thanks, Wholeport, for giving me the cute 58", 100% cotton White Ground Cartoon Bear fabric.

That's one more Christmas gift finished!!! Still a few more to go and just under two weeks left. I've almost finished the quilt top, just the border to go and then comes the hardest part (for me); the quilting.

How are you going with your plans for the festive season?

... Pam

I'll be adding these hair ties to the Hair Accessories link party here on Threading My Way.


  1. Great tutorial, Pam. My child needs new hair ties. If only she would let me touch her hair. :)

  2. Pam, these are fantastic! I have plenty of buttons I can cover, just need to find where to get the bands from. These will be great to make to match their outfits with. Thanks!

  3. These are so cute (especially as they feature bunnies!), it makes me wish I didn't look so terrible with my hair tied back!

  4. Adorable!!!! Thank you for the tutorial :)
    Marisa :)

  5. Darling! These are a great way to use up fabric scraps.;)

  6. What a delightful tutorial! The simplicity of creating fabric-covered button hair ties is both charming and practical. The step-by-step guidance makes it easy for anyone to craft these stylish accessories in just a few minutes. I appreciate the variety in styles showcased, providing options for every taste. Such a thoughtful and creative last-minute gift idea! Registro Central Violencia Doméstica Nueva Jersey | Orden Protección Nueva Jersey


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