Monday 16 December 2013

Friendship Bracelet Kit...

Friendship Bracelet Kit ~ Threading My Way

I missed out on the Friendship Bracelet craze during the 80s and 90s. As an adult at the time, I was more interested in jewellery of the precious metal kind. However, when Fiona suggested I make up a friendship bracelet kit, it solved my question as to what to pop into one of the fabric baskets I'd made.

As I had no idea how to make a friendship bracelet, I began collecting tutorials on my Crafts board on Pinterest. I found bracelets ranging from simple plaits to those with quite complicated designs.

I decided on a tutorial using a braiding disc, over at Homemade Gifts Made Easy. I thought I'd better check just how easy it was, by making one up myself. It was super easy!!! I used 6 different colours of Perle cotton. You are supposed to use 7 different colours, but as I only had 6, I used 2 strands of red.

Above are the contents of the kit... assorted threads, one braiding disc and a finished friendship bracelet. 

And I couldn't resist making a drawstring bag to keep the kit together. I'll pop the whole kit inside one of the baskets I've already made.

Another present crossed off the list!!! Have you ever made friendship bracelets?

... Pam


  1. I've never made a friendship bracelet, but it looks like the technique would also work to make pretty (and very colour-matchable) drawstrings for gift bags!

  2. I have never made a friendship bracelet either! I just love all your little drawstring bags! I sometimes find myself needing little table gifts at teas or women's retreats. Your little bags would be so wonderful for that. :)

  3. That's a great kit Pam, definitely one to keep in mind when my grand-niece is older!

    I have never made a friendship bracelet either, so would have to have a practice first too :)

  4. These would make really great gifts for tween and teenagers, as well as the grown-up kids!

  5. One more handmade and craftiness inspiring pressie - well done :) I worked in summer camps where kids were going crazy with friendship bracelets! I had my hands covered in them - they were pressies from kiddos in my groups :) Kids were very pleased I wore their bracelets every day :)

  6. I really like this idea! I started making these bracelets this year because my daughter wanted to learn to make them, I ended up doing them for her friends and she didn't learn .
    This is a pretty gift to make, and will be a nice gift to receive in a bag like this!
    From here I'm going to visit your board on pinterest. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Marisa from

  7. what a great idea for a gift! That particular method of friendship bracelets using a disk is called Kumihimo and you can pick up a foam disk with numbers and slots for a couple of dollars.

  8. Great gift idea! K was big into making these the last few years...and took all my embroidery floss!;)lol

  9. I remember friendship bracelets! This takes me back to high school when they were very popular and cool to wear. I haven't made this type before - we made the flat ones. I think they would be perfect as string for the draw string bags?

    1. I'm definitely going to try them on drawstring bags.

  10. Very sweet! Brings back good memories of making these as a pre-teen.

  11. My daughters have been requesting that we make friendship bracelets, and I've got the threads all ready - your post was just what I needed to push me to get started! I'll follow your tutorial link to get started, and have a peek on your pinterest board too! Thanks for the inspiration Pam!

  12. These are great! I can't wait until my daughter is just a bit older to make so she can make them!

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