Friday, 13 November 2015

Linen Zippered Pouches

Last week I whipped up a few zippered pouches and I'm really happy with how they turned out. Initially I thought I'd make one for a friend who could do with some cheering up, but why make one when you can make five?

Linen Zippered Pouches - you can never have too many. Use them as makeup bags, a first aid kit, or for containing some of the clutter in your handbag ~ Threading My Way

With the exception of the solid black cotton, all the fabric was given to me by a friend who was de-stashing. How lucky am I that others want to get rid of gorgeous fabric. At the time I had no idea what I'd do with three small pieces of linen. I'm pretty sure it's linen - if not, it has the same look and feel.

I knew that one day the perfect project would present itself, and of course, it did!

I'm acquiring quite a collection of text fabric. There's just something about it that I LOVE. Funny thing is, I've hardly sewn any of it. This was the perfect project to cut into some lovely inspirational text fabric - Odds and Ends by Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket for moda.

My friend commented how she loved the lining with the encouraging words. That totally made my day!!!

So as not to waste any fabric, I cut the bird fabric into four rectangles - 6¾' x 7½", then did the same for the nest fabric - enough for two bags in each fabric. And that's how I determined the size of the bags. The finished size ended up at 6" x 7" x 1½" (w x h x d)

The construction for adding the black strip follows my Quilt As You Go Fabric for a Zippered Pouch, but without the quilting and this one is done as two pieces of fabric instead of one. 

I added 1½" boxed corners - (¾" + ¾"). If you've never done boxed corners, my drawstring bag tutorial will show you how.

As I so often do, the zipper is added using the same method as the open wide zippered pouch tutorial. I no longer need to refer to the tutorial, but it's where I learnt this technique.

In case you're wondering why there's only three bags in the cream fabric, the photos were taken after I'd given away the first bag. 

The fifth bag is slightly larger - 8" x 7" x 2", and is constructed using the same method, but with wider boxed corners.

Making multiples of the same project, really does help to maximise sewing time, especially if it's using the same fabric. Everything is cut at the one time, and then I sew assembly line style - the same step on each bag and then move to the next step on all.

As at least two of these bags will be given as gifts this Christmas, I'll be adding them to Ho, Ho, Ho and On We Sew, on the 18th of this month. Fiona has hosted monthly link ups this year, in the hopes that we will have less stress come Christmas / holiday time. I'm definitely ahead of last year.

I'll also be joining in with Bag It, at Elm Street Quilts. Throughout November, Patty will be sharing tutorials and tips for making different bags and pouches, perfect for gift giving. There's some great sponsor prizes for both link ups.

And, of course, these bags will be joining the 266 bags in the Purses, Clutches & Pouches link party, here at Threading My Way.

I'm well on the way to having an organised and stress free lead up to the festive season. And there'll be no guilt if I choose to buy instead of make. How about you? Are your plans starting to take shape?

... Pam


  1. Those bags are fantastic - the fabrics are delicious :) I too make my bags to fit the fabric I want to use, or to fit the zipper that will work, hehe - it makes sense! I like the bird prints the best - the taupe with birds, and the off-white with the birds on the clothesline :) I'm glad you're joining up with Patty's Bag It! - hopefully we'll both win a prize :D Christmas is starting to shape up, and I'm planning on - guilt-free-ily buying some of my gifts :D The point is to give gifts that people want - not just that we want to sew, lol!

  2. Those bags are lovely Pam, what a great combination of fabrics. Glad to hear that the Link Party is helping with the organisation too :)

  3. I love the fabric! I am hoping you are going to be able to tell me that you bought it not too long ago so that I can get some. If you're like me, though, its been sitting in the stash waiting for the right moment.

  4. Wow, Pam! Those bags are absolutely gorgeous! I agree, all the fabric is beautiful and you picked the perfect project for using it. It was so nice of you to share how you combined the different techniques to construct the bags. Thanks ever so much!

  5. Smaller scraps are great for zippy bags. I just love that bird nest fabric. What a generous friend you have, and how generous you are right back, to make another friend a bag! I hope to make a bag for Bag It! today. Glad to see you are joining in, too!

  6. I love the encouraging words on the lining, too! The bags look great. Your friends must be very blessed!

  7. You know, when it comes to buying clothes I do little of that anymore because I can sew it. I usually buy purses and bags, but your posts are really making me rethink that. These look so professionally made and just beautiful. I need to sit down and take a closer look and try to make one. Your fabric is just fantastic.

  8. Just got off work finally - I need to catch-up on the Bag It entries. These bags will be all done when it becomes gift-giving time. I love the little birdies on the wire fabric. Too cute on this bag.

  9. Oh what gorgeous fabric!! Friends destashing can be such a blessing :D Lovely zippered pouches Pam. They sure make great presents!

  10. I love the fabric you used, the pouches turned out great!

  11. What lovely bags. The bird fabrics are just perfect.

  12. What brilliant bags! I really love those fabrics and I think zipper pouches are the best kind of useful present!! Thanks for linking up!

  13. These would make such wonderful Christmas gifts. I love the fabrics you have chosen. And the nice contrast with the inside fabrics as well.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I was thrilled with how these turned out.

  14. These are fantastic! I love your fabric :)

  15. Lovely use of fabric with these, I think they might be my favourite bags/pouches you've made.


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