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If you would like to grab one of my buttons, copy the text underneath the button and paste it into the Edit html section on your blog. Make sure you copy all the text and not just the text you can see displayed.

Header designed and created by Little Ladybird.
Button graphics designed and created by Little Ladybird.


  1. Pam..I did not realize that you have buttons that I can grab to put on my blog. I hope it's alright..I already put one of yours on the sidebar of my blog. :)

    Take care,

  2. I hope it's alright that I tried this on my blog too. Thank you very much for the inspiration and link to the tutorial. :)

  3. i just discovered you from "our creative spaces" and i love your blog! im new to this whole thing and i might use your button if its ok with you
    thanks :)

  4. Hi pam, I am adding your button cause your blogging skills are the bomb, you have taught me so much, thankyou :)

  5. Just added your button to my featured blog section. Thanks for your inspiration. I love the shirt skirt. Going to make a bunch. I have a lot of my dads old shirts. Perfect for my 3 girls. YEAH!!! Have a wonderful week!!!


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