Thursday 1 February 2018

Drawstring Library Bag

Children have a habit of growing up, and way too quickly. What was once cute becomes babyish all too quickly. Little Miss presented me with some fabric to make a new library bag - one that was more suited to her age.

Learn how to make a lined drawstring library bag ~ Threading My Way

She was very specific with her requirements - make a bag just like one she showed me - an unlined Harry Potter drawstring bag.

As her chosen fabric was a stretch, I thought lining it with a cotton fabric would be best. Little Miss OK'd that change. I varied the dimensions ever so slightly, too, and constructed the casing differently.

As we discussed the changes, I could see what was really important to her...
  • drawstring, as opposed to a bag with handles like her old one
  • fabric of her choosing - nothing babyish

I based the construction on my small lined drawstring bag tutorial, of course varying the measurements...
  • cut two pieces of fabric 14" x 19" for the exterior
  • cut two pieces of fabric 14" x 19" for the lining
  • place the hole for the drawstring 1" from the top
  • use the topstitching as one row of stitching forming the casing, eliminating the ruffle
Learn how to make a lined drawstring library bag ~ Threading My Way

As a former teacher, I've seen lots of children drag their drawstring library bags along the ground, instead of carrying them. Ha, ha... that's why my preference is library bags with handles (tutorial), as opposed to drawstrings.

Learn how to make a lined drawstring library bag ~ Threading My Way

I don't think Little Miss will drag hers along the ground. She's old enough to know better, plus she has a feeling of ownership - she chose the style of bag, and the fabric, one her Mum designed.

If I'd known she would carry it on her back, I'd have added little tabs to thread the cords through. Won't matter, though, as she won't be carrying it far. Once back in the classroom, the library bag will be stuffed in her school bag. I'm guessing her friends carry their bags this way.

Learn how to make a lined drawstring library bag ~ Threading My Way

I have to admit I wasn't overly keen on making the bag with this fabric, due to the stretch in the fabric. It's only a slight stretch, but nevertheless, it was enough to cause more difficulty than a bag sewn with woven fabrics. 

There was one point when the fabric was pulled into the bobbin area, and I had to cut ½" from the top. A few choice words may, or may not have been said. I'm guessing I didn't have the optimum needle, even though it was one for stretch fabric. 

I do so prefer to sew with woven fabrics!

Little Miss is very happy with her new library bag, so that makes me happy! 

Tell me something you have made that has gone down well with the recipient.

... Pam

Because of the drawstring cord, this bag is not suitable for young children.


  1. That's a really nice bag, Pam. I like the idea that you used a previous tutorial and increased the dimensions. A large travel laundry bag comes to mind for me as we use a lot of those when we take trips and we never seem to have enough those.

  2. Great way to change it up enough to make it workable! Does your little darlings skirt happen to be made by you too? It looks adorable on her!

    1. Thanks, Patti. Yes, I made the skirt. There's a few pics in the post before this one.

  3. If I get an action shot with recipient and item, I'm very happy :) It looks like Little Miss is very happy with her library bag - it's awesome that she has her own ideas of how she wanted it - she's going to be making her own bags soon, I bet! BTW - I'm with you on handles versus drawstring, and SOOOOO with you on woven versus stretch, lol! I gave away some yardage (meterage :D) of denim a while back because I didn't realize when I bought it, that it was stretch denim. I tried a few small bags and was unhappy with the process, so I gave it away without a second glance - OUT, darn stretch denim! :D

  4. Love it Linda, and great to see you on craft schooling sunday!

  5. It's a lovely bag, and a lovely fabric too. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!


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