Tuesday 16 June 2015

Sewn by YOU...

I just love it when readers let me know they've used one of my tutorials. Whether it be an email, a message on Facebook or Twitter, a comment under a post, or a photo in the Threading My Way ~ Sewn by YOU Flickr group, I really do like to see the projects you have sewn.

Here are some fabulous projects that have been Sewn by YOU, using tutorials from Threading My Way...

Joy, from Yesterfood, whipped up two fab drawstring bags, using the small, lined drawstring bag tutorial as a basis for her two bags. With a Christmas theme, they are perfect for gift giving.

Another drawstring bag, this one by Maria, from Knackful Knitter. Maria used the Drawstring Gift Bag tutorial to make her pretty tartan bag.

The queen of upcycling is Jill, from Creating My Way to Success. With old school uniforms and pre-loved jeans, she's made two teddy bear keepsake dresses and four denim fabric baskets. No wonder her girls loved them. The two larger fabric baskets are made with the Denim Fabric Baskets tutorial.

Donna, from Once Upon a Sewing Machine, varied the measurements in the French Knitting Drawstring Bag tutorial and made several great bags to use instead of Christmas wrapping. I love the different cords Donna has used, especially the sparkly gold for her wine bottle bag.

Victorine, from la vie de Victorine, has made a lunch bag, by using the Fabric Basket with a Drawstring Top tutorial. What a great use for her lovely fabric basket.

The two cute fabric baskets above, have been sewn by Amanda, using the Fabric Basket tutorial. Two different fabric choices - two totally different looks.

Holly has modified the No Frills Extra Large Tote tutorial, by adding a zipper. Love the bright, fun fabric.

Like most bloggers, getting feedback motivates me and usually, this is in the form of comments. Seeing a photo of a project made with one of my tutorials takes this to a whole new level. I seriously love all of your projects, ladies!!! Thank you SO much for showing me photos and for sharing the stories behind your projects.

Have you made a project using one of my tutorials? Let me know...

... Pam


  1. I love your little drawstring bags Pam! I sewed up a bunch at Christmas also. They are perfect. Thanks for the great tutorial. Donna

  2. Thanks for showing off our projects, Pam! :) Your tutorials are always so detailed and easy to follow!

  3. I love seeing what everyone made!

  4. Thanks for sharing my baskets Pam - lovely to see what everyone has made with your tutorials.

  5. How lovely to see, you are spreading beautiful bags and baskets all over!

  6. Yay! These are great. I was thinking about your drawstring bag the other day. I have been pondering the idea of packaging the bags I sell in dust bags. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money or time. My purses are pretty expensive and it just seems like it would be nice. I'm thinking of just using muslin. How long does it take to whip up one of your drawstring bags?


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