Thursday 11 December 2014

Handmade Gift Tags and Cards

Handmade gift tags and cards are a lovely finishing touch to a wrapped present. They don't need to be fancy. Often a simple card looks the most effective. Today I am showcasing 10 quick and easy gift cards that I have chosen from the Gift Wrapping link party, here at Threading My Way

Handmade gift cards and tags add a lovely finishing touch to a wrapped present... 10 ideas so you can make your own ~ Threading My Way

The following cards and tags have been made for a variety of occasions, but it's very easy to change the theme to suit the season.

How to Sew a Christmas Card by Victoria, from As It Seams

Thrifty Gift Tags ~ Tutorial by Ros, from Sew Delicious

Handmade Gift Tags ~ Tutorial by Shannon from Sewing Barefoot

Stitched 1st Birthday Card by Helen, from Creative Chaos Art

Hand Stamped Gift Card by Marci, from Stone Cottage Adventures

Small Folded Gift Tags from Christmas Cards by Rena, from Jewelry Making Journal

Fabric Gift Tags ~ Tutorial by Shannon, from Sewing Barefoot

Paint Chip Gift Tags by Elena, from Acasarella

Sewn Christmas Thank You Cards by Amy, from Amy's Crafty Shenanigans

Sewn Christmas Card ~ Tutorial by Pam, from Threading My Way

Threading My Way Gift Wrapping board on Pinterest

This year I'll be sending photo cards, made by Little Ladybird (my daughter) via post to family and friends. For immediate family, I'm hoping to make a few handmade cards - maybe a combination of free motion stitching and fabric. I've seen some fabulous ideas on Pinterest, too and have been adding them to my Gift Wrapping board.

I'd love to see any ideas you have. Add them to the Gift Wrapping link party so we can all have a look.
Handmade gift cards and tags add a lovely finishing touch to a wrapped present... 10 ideas so you can make your own ~ Threading My Way

Before I tackle cards, however, I have presents to organise. I've finally started and now know where I'm headed. Are you on track making arrangements for the upcoming festive season?

... Pam


  1. *hangs head low* I bought hang tags yesterday because I have gifts to wrap (bag, really, LOL) and just couldn't settle down and actually make some tags. I have a basement full of craft supplies and I actually bought tags - PATHETIC! So this is perfect! Now - where'd I leave my baby ric rac ... :D

  2. Thanks for including mine :) A great selection!!

  3. I love the fabric gift tags, maybe I could get round to trying them next year! Great round up again Pam.

  4. A great collection of tags. I will pin this for later, probably not this year.


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