Wednesday 25 June 2014

Sewn by YOU...

I just love it when readers let me know they've used one of my tutorials. Whether it be an email, a message on Facebook or Twitter, a comment under a post, or a photo in the Threading My Way ~ Sewn by YOU Flickr group, I really do like to see the projects you have sewn.

Here are some fabulous projects that have been Sewn by YOU, using tutorials from Threading My Way. Some have followed the tutorial as is, whilst others have used the tutorial as a starting point...

Denim Fabric Baskets Tutorial... made using the legs of pre-loved jeans, these baskets cost very little to make. And let's face it, we all have old jeans lying around.

Bedside Desk Basket by Jill, from Creating My Way to Success... a place to hold creams on Jill's bedside table. Great idea, Jill - the bottles take up less space contained in their own basket.

Jeans basket by Tina... made using scrap material from when her daughter was very young. The Minnie Mouse fabric is such a fabulous contrast to the dark denim. Tina has reversed the basket to feature the bright, fun fabric.

Fabric Basquets from La Pera de grillos... changing the lining fabric gives totally different looks.

Nadie, from Scrapines, added lace and felt flowers to her Jeans Basket. I have lots of felt scraps so I'll have to find out how to make those adorable flowers. Combined with the lace, it makes a very pretty basket.

Fabric Basket Tutorial... super quick and easy to make, these baskets can be used for both storage and gift giving. 

Card storage basket by Mandy, from The Snoozy Dog... Mandy used the same fabric for both the exterior and the lining and it works extremely well.

Another fabric basket by Mandy, from The Snoozy Dog... Mandy has added pockets to the exterior of her basket and will be giving it as a gift along with the matching accessories. All have been made  from two tea towels. I love the addition of the polka dot pockets.

Library Bag Tutorial... Here in Australia, children require a Library Bag to enable them to borrow books to take home. It's so easy to make one that's not only fun, but easy to distinguish from all the store bought bags.

Rhonda made her library bags reversible, so her daughter and her friend have two looks to choose from. She also added a button closure and made the handles from webbing. The ribbon loop and large button make it easy for little hands to do up, not to mention it prevents the books from accidentally falling out. A great addition, Rhonda.

Small Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial... just the right size for gifting any number of presents. Use the bag instead of wrapping paper... two gifts in one.

Aïda has made a treasure bag for a young pirate. This super fun fabric is perfect for a little pirate.

Like most bloggers, getting feedback motivates me and usually, this is in the form of comments. Seeing a photo of a project made with one of my tutorials takes this to a whole new level. I seriously love all of your projects, ladies!!! Thank you SO much for showing me photos and for sharing the stories behind your projects.

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  1. What a gorgeous collection of projects - you must do a little happy dance in your mind, when you see or read that someone has utilized one of your fun tutorials :) I'll always think of denim baskets when I think of you!

  2. I am impressed by the bags and cloths baskets , but even more by the various cloth prints ,,, they make me drool ,,,,

  3. A great tribute to your excellent tutorials Pam!

  4. How nice to see how others have used your tutorials!

  5. Thanks for featuring my little basket Pam - some great showcases of your lovely tutorials there!


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