Friday 18 April 2014

New Additions to my Stash...

I SO don't need any new fabric. I'm fast running out of places to neatly store any more purchases. However, no matter how hard I try, the stash is growing, instead of decreasing, in size. On a recent holiday to the Mid North Coast region of N.S.W. I thought I was fairly safe from fabric shops. Little did I know, that tucked away, inside a quilty craft shop, was a little basket of fabric just waiting for me.

I have no idea what these gorgeous fabrics are, but I just couldn't leave them sitting in the basket. I found them right up the back of the store, in amongst the most divine quilts and hand knitted garments. If you are ever in Nabiac, the Nabiac Nook is well worth a visit. It's just up the road from the National Motorcycle Museum; the largest motorcycle museum in Australia. I ran out of time to see the museum during this holiday, but hopefully next visit I will.

These bright, fun prints arrived by mail this week...

Here's how this purchase came about... After my recent Screen Printing Workshop with Saffron Craig, I remembered previously seeing some beautiful screen printed tea towels that would make great Christmas presents. As I'm trying to be organised this year, I'm buying as I think of things, to avoid the last minute rush I'm usually in.

As luck would have it, Flowerpress not only sells screen printed tea towels, but digitally printed fabric, too. I think Lego is one of the BEST toys for children and so I just couldn't resist 1/2 yard of the Small Sky Bricks fabric. Susie very kindly popped in an extra fat quarter of the Big Sky Bricks.

Watch out for some storage containers made with the bricks fabrics.

At the beginning of April, I attended the three day Autumn Quilting Triple Treat at Blackheath. Every time we had a break, we walked past three strategically placed shop displays. Of course, I purchased items needed for each workshop, but was determined not to buy any extra fabric. 

I was a good girl, right up until the end of the last day, when my resolve weakened and I purchased this jelly roll of Indigo, by Moda, from Blueberries. The colours will be just perfect in a quilt for Mr TMW to snuggle under when he's watching TV.

Not only am I running out of room to store more fabric, one look at my bank statement tells me it's time to slow down on the spending. Let's see how I go.

... Pam


  1. I know the feeling, it is so hard not to buy pretty fabric! Especially if that store is not close to where you live!

  2. I love fabric. I look at it as my hobby and what I like to collect, which is anything sewing related! Fabric is just fun to look at even if you don't do anything with it for a while!

  3. Love the fabric! Also loved the screen-printing post. It looks like such a great way to free the creative spirit.

  4. I know the feeling exactly, Pam. It is difficult to even pass by a stack of fabric and not touch it and, yes, usually make a purchase. My best friend has been purging a lot lately and she gave me a huge portion of her fabric stash. There is some really gorgeous stuff in it and, of course, even though I knew I had not even an inch more in which to store it, I could not turn it down! It is now taking over my guest room, so I really will have to start getting rid of some of the things in my little craft/sewing room!

    You found some beautiful pieces!

  5. Those flower press fabrics are gorgeous! I love stumbling across little fabric stores while on holiday - they always have nice surprises that are hard to find!

  6. Beautiful! If you stop and sew a bit, then you can go buy more. That is what I tell myself!

  7. Nice additions... and I'm sure buying when you're on holiday counts as a souvenir purchase, doesn't it?

  8. Love the Lego brick fabric, you definitely couldn't pass up on that Pam!


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