Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fabric Sewing Basket with a Drawstring Top

A quick little make to show you today, and one I'm very happy with - a sewing basket to take to an upcoming quilting retreat.

Space is limited at the quilting retreat. There's room on the table for a sewing machine, with a little space on three sides for sewing accessories. I'm forever digging into my bag on the floor, searching for bits and pieces.

In the past I've taken zippered pouches, and while I really like them, they don't stand up and hence take more space than they should. In theory, my new sewing basket is going to hold more, whilst taking the same amount of table space.

When in use, the top folds down, so in effect, it's like a typical fabric basket. The drawstring closure ensures nothing falls out while in transit.

Although it's quite small -  7" x 4" x 6" (w x d x h) - the photo shoot showed just how much I could fit inside the basket. The drawstring section adds roughly another 6" to the height.

  • Yuwa Live Life Collection - for the main part part of the basket. I purchased this at a previous quilting retreat.
  • Focus on Craft Design 4795 - for the drawstring top. When on sale at Spotlight (equivalent of Jo-Ann stores), for $6m, I couldn't resist and bought a whole bolt. 
  • Polka dot fabrics - the handles and drawstring are not quite the same, but I can live with it.

I was initially going to have a cord for the drawstring, but I wasn't happy with white against the off white dressmaking fabric and went for some self made bias left over from another project, instead of making new bias to match the handles.

Make a fabric basket with a drawstring closure. Perfect to use for sewing accessories ~ Threading My Way

I've used my own fabric basket with a drawstring top tutorial. As suggested by a few readers, I lengthened the handles. Otherwise, I followed the tutorial as is, apart from sewing a few lines of stitching along the length of the handles.

Check out some reader sewn baskets made with the same tutorial - shows the variety of uses this little basket can be put to. I'll let you know how this one goes as a sewing basket at the retreat.

My little sewing basket will be joining the 70+ projects in the Fabric Baskets link party here at Threading My Way.

For more fabric basket ideas and inspiration...

I have a couple of more projects cut out, ready to make before the retreat. Whether I find time is another matter, but they're small containers to fit inside this bag. It's raining, so no gardening today - time to at least start.

If you attend quilting / sewing / crafting retreats, what tips and ideas do you have to keep everything accessible, without taking up too much room?

... Pam


  1. I love the fabric you used! What a great sewing basket!

  2. This is such a lovely basket! I'm going to save this tutorial. I'd love one for myself but this would make such an awesome gift too!

  3. absolutely gorgeous and great having a drawstring to keep everything in.

  4. Hi Pam,
    You have sewn a great fabric crease, not only beautiful, but also very practical for everything you need for a course.

    Gretings Klaudia

  5. Pam you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! Mimi xxx

  6. Hi! To make one that's a little bigger , can I just add to the length and width? Thanks! Alicia

    1. Yes, Alicia, adding to the length and width of the fabric pieces will make a basket that's taller and wider. To make the basket deeper, increase the width of the boxed corners. Be aware, that as you widen the boxed corners, you will decrease the width and the height.

  7. I'm with you on the white + off-white - I avoid it too - it feels "off" to me :D Adorable basket, and definitely more useful for the sewing retreat - plus it's just PRETTY, and that counts :) I hope you have a great time @ the retreat - I can't wait to see what you work on :D

  8. Very pretty and you have a tutorial, yay! I've always wanted to make one.... but need pictures, so I think this needs to go on my "to-do" list :) xx

  9. That is one perfect little basket for the retreat Pam!

  10. Very nifty basket. Let us know how it performs for you at retreat. I, too, go to a retreat with limited space around the sewing area. I may have to breakdown and make one of these.

  11. This is such a great make and you always choose such stunning fabrics, I love admiring your talents Pam xx


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