Tuesday 11 August 2015

Make a Handmade Birthday Card for a Special Occasion

Making a birthday card is a practical and meaningful craft activity for kids - a project with a purpose. A store bought card just doesn't compare. There's just something special about a handmade birthday card.  The thoughts, love and time that go into a handmade card are priceless. 

Kids can make a handmade birthday card for a special occasion. The recipient will love it ~ Threading My Way

We've recently celebrated a very special milestone in our family. Before the big day, Little Miss and Little Mister each made a birthday card.

I folded card stock in half and then let the kids design their own cards . Little Miss decided to paint a flower with a face in the middle.

After the paint dried, she used her special fluoro pens for the message underneath...

... and finished the front off with hearts - all her own ideas.

Little Mister wasn't having any flowers. Can you tell what he painted?

They both traced around templates for the inside of the cards. Oh, and a little drawing on the hands as well.

The message inside is where it gets really special. Little Mister told me what he wanted to write. As he dictated, I wrote on paper, and then he copied the message onto the card.

... To Dorrie, I hope you like my bear in the cave.

I didn't ask, but I'm guessing that was inspired by Michael Rosen's, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

Being older, Little Miss wanted to write a longer message. Again, the words are all her own - so much more meaningful than a poem, written by an adult, inside a bought card.

They were both very proud of their cards and of course, their great grandmother just LOVED them!!!

Happy Birthday, Dorrie!!! Ninety five and still sharp as a tack. So pleased you enjoyed your surprise and the week of celebrations. 

... Pam


  1. How special! And how could she not love them! Such a good way to get them doing a bit of writing too, as well as the creativity, art work and sentiment behind them, then you have the benefit of not going out and having to buy anything - homemade cards are such a win, win, win, win, win thing!

  2. Sweet card and Dorrie looks like a sweet lady too. Wow 95!

  3. So much better than store bought! I have some of these kinds of projects in my photo albums. I think the kids, well, adults now, love seeing examples of their art and writing just as much as the photos if not more.


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